I am a teacher and a learner, a writer and a gardener.  I would like to explore more about what it’s like to learn, what helps us learn, what gets in our way when we try to learn.

While it’s hard to know anything about anything, I think I can say that in order to learn we must:

1.  Stop.  Somehow attention has to come to clarity.

2.  See.  The object of attention registers upon us through all five of our senses.

3.  Speak.  We need somehow to express what we have learned, to use it, to put it out there, which strengthens our grip on what we’ve learned.

When those steps occur, typically we belong to the world and each other in a new and deeper way, which is one of the great joys of learning.  We connect to others who know what we’ve learned and to the world itself.

So in my haphazard and profoundly non-linear way, I hope to explore this magic in the blog.  I also hope to blunder across some good advice for those who want to do this challenging and fascinating work.


Important note:  these thoughts originate from and belong to exclusively me.  I speak on no one else’s behalf.  My thoughts are no reflection on anybody I know or anybody who might employ me.