The numbers of people who believe that teaching can be reduced to a low-paid, minimally skilled position occupied by hopeful yet expendable new recruits grows ever larger, and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is proud to slot in.  Recently a person confronted him about his disastrous and cruel legacy in Wisconsin, to which he replied, “I am not intimidated!”  Fighting words!  What a brave guy!  A governor, with his retinue, won’t be intimidated by a powerful guy with a sign.  Wow.

But here is what Gov. Walker is missing:  that guy didn’t want to intimidate him.  He wanted to reason with him.  Walker’s bitter, hateful war on teachers, schools, and kids makes no sense.  His view of what will improve education in this country is belied by any other country that does better than us on international tests (not, let’s face it, the best measure, but the only one most folks are willing to regard).

What nations that care about their kids do is recruit smart people, train them really well, and give them a great deal of autonomy and respect.  Look at Finland.

What we do is accept anybody (since we have a chronic and growing teacher shortage– one wonders why), train them not at all (especially in the “reform” model like Teach For America, where you get a few weeks of preparation), and then excoriate them when they fail impossible measures.

So, Governor, who’s intimidating whom?  And who is making sense?